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7 Questions You Must Ask



Imperial® Gown Restoration Co.

1 - ASK how long they have been in business. Do they accept ordinary drycleaning? Who recommends them? How many locations do they have? What regions do they serve?

    ...Founded in 1947, Imperial  restores and preserves gowns only.  We are recommended by many of the finest design houses, retailers , writers, curators and drycleaners in the world. Imperial  serves every state from a single, province and continent from a single, state-of-the-art facility. This  guarantees a unique, high standard of quality to every bride, everywhere. Local, chain,  or multiple location care-providers cannot assure this high standard.

2 - ASK if they require that you sign a "Release" or a "Disclaimer". You should never be asked to sign any document that says they are not responsible for damage to your gown. They must guarantee that they will not melt or damage your beads, appliques, fabric or trims. 

...Imperial  guarantees every fabric and every sewn or glued bead, sequin or trim. Imperial never requires that you sign any release or waiver which would allow us or anyone to mishandle or damage your gown in any way. 


- ASK if they include all accessories, such as your headpiece, veil, garter, etc. and at what additional charge. May "bridal gown cleaners" add extra charges for each additional item. 

...Imperial  always has and always will include these items as free part of our standard, high quality Full service.

- ASK about their preservation boxes. Demand that only properly sized, certified pH-neutral boxes or acid-free boxes, packaging materials and desiccants be used for the safety of your gown.

...Imperial  certifies that correctly sized pH-neutral materials and desiccants are used in every gown perservation.


- ASK if they guarantee that hidden stains like perspiration or white wines will be removed. hidden stains can turn yellow within a very few years. ASK if they allow you to \unseal and inspect your gown - whenever you wish - to see that it has remained clean and preserved.

...Imperial's wetcleaning techniques remove hidden stains that most drycleaning misses. We allow you to unseal and inspect your gown, in your own home at any time in the future, without harming your gown or your warranty.

6 - ASK to see a copy of their warranty! Do not accept any warranty that limits your right to unseal the box to inspect your gown! Do not accept "Lifetime" or "Refund" warranties! (Whose "lifetime" do they mean?) A genuine professional will give you a Replacement Value warranty, which covers you gown for an unambiguous, specifically stated number of year!*

...Imperial's  gown preservation warranty sets the standard for safe, proper and consumer-friendly protection. Only Imperial  allows you to unseal your preservation box without compromising your Replacement  Value Warranty.


7 - ASK
about price. If they charge one price for any gown, they are doing all gowns one way. Different fabrics, trims & stains require different care and should have varying prices. You save nothing if you pay less, but your gown is damaged by improper or unprofessional care!

...Imperial's Full Service prices vary from gown to gown - as they should - due to the specialized care required for various styles, fabrics, trims, and stains. Every gown is evaluated and quoted at no cost and at no obligation.


See Imperials unique Replacement Value Warranty


1-800-WED-GOWN (or 703-573-GOWN)