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7 Questions You Must Ask



You will be able directly inspect or observe the beauty of your Gown through the window of your pH-neutral Gown Preservation Box. Any accessories or detachable trims will be placed into the box with your Gown. You must store you Gown in the living area of your home, as it is controlled for safe and comfortable temperatures and humidity. (NO attics or basements!)

Our preservation box protects your Gown from exposure to light, dust and other hazards. Our obligation extends until you are fully satisfied after opening you Gown Preservation Box in the future. Feel free to examine you Gown at any time. The "seal" has no function in the preservation of the Gown, and "breaking" it does not adversely affect either your own or your warranty. Our Warranty guarantees that, except for alterations and pressing, your Gown will be ready for the next bride in your family.

1. What is Covered: Our warranty covers the gown (or other garments) serviced on a specific contract number of record.
2. Who is Covered: Imperial certifies the warranty to the originally named owner of the gown, and/or her heirs or assignees.
3. Period of Coverage: On Full Service preservations, warranty is valid for 50 years, commencing with the Completion Date.
4. What is Warranted: Any damage, discoloration or weakening of fabrics or trims resulting from a failure in our process.
5. Claim Procedure: Submit the gown for inspection in its original packaging along with copies of contract and warranty
6. Our Responsibility: We will correct or pay to replace the gown, based on Completion Date, claim date and original cost, plus appreciation, calculated using the annual, publicly released, US Government Consumer Price index rate of inflation.
7. Limitations: The warranty is terminated upon the future wearing of the gown. The warranty will be rendered void if it was worn or mishandled. Unsealing the box to inspect, touch or observe the preserved gown does not void the warranty!