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7 Questions You Must Ask

Is it a special method? A unique solvent? Is it one company? A chain? Is it a franchise?

"Web-Re-Stor"® and "Wedding Gown Specialists"® are names created by an entrepreneur in Georgia. He sells licenses to independent local drycleaners that allows them to use that name to market gown cleaning services to consumers in their licensed regions. "Web-Re-Stor" and "Wedding Gown Specialists" claim that they have a special, "secret method" for cleaning wedding gowns that is alleged to be unknown to non-members of their association of licensed drycleaners. However, if a care provider is a true professional, no such "secret" exists.

Another claim is that they have been endorsed by a bridal trade group as the leading gown cleaner as the result of a "blind test" of the best known gown care providers in the US. When questioned, the president of the service that allegedly conducted the "test" admitted that they neglected to include Imperial Gown Restoration Co. Imperial Gown Restoration is one of the best known and most highly regarded professionals in the industry in the "blind test".

And yet another claim they make is that a consumer can return her gown to any member drycleaner in any city if their is ever a problem covered by their warranty. Unfortunately, complaints from consumers have indicated otherwise. The standards of quality, performance and consumer satisfaction varies considerably from location to location. The terms and coverage of consumer protection on their warranties varies among licensees as well.

Web-Re-Stor and Wedding Gown Specialists are registered trademarks of Websco Enterprises, Inc. Web-Re-Stor, Wedding Gown Specialists and Websco are in no way associated with Imperial Gown Restoration Co., America’s premier gown care professionals, since 1947.