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7 Questions You Must Ask

Perhaps you’ve seen those labels in wedding gowns warning that the gown should be cleaned by the "Zurcion"® method. What is "Zurcion", anyway?

Why doesn’t your neighborhood drycleaner offer this service? Why doesn’t the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) know what it is? How come the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hasn’t ever heard of it? Why does the International Fabricare Institute (IFI), a major trade organization for professional drycleaners, publish reports stating that they have no knowledge of it? How come "Zurcion" has no patent with the US Patent Office (USPO)? Why have several state attorneys general, local departments of consumer affairs and the Better Business Bureau all come up with no answer to this question during their investigations of consumer complaints?

Tough questions? Easy answers. It is because "Zurcion" does not exist!

"Zurcion" is a registered trademark (name only) of Nationwide Gown Cleaning Company, a drycleaner in New York. Nationwide also uses the names Prestige Gown Cleaning, Continental Gown Cleaning, Gown Cleaning Services, Jonathan Ashley and Lew Mark Cleaners.

A trademark is not a patent. Any name being used for trade purposes is eligible to have a registered trademark. You may create any name and have it registered as a trademark, as long as you are using it for trade purposes. Unique inventions, products, methods, formulas, etc. are granted patents, not trademarks. Such a patented product may also have a trademarked name, but a trademark is not in itself proof or any indication that a process or product is unique or even exists.

"Safeway", for example, is a trademark, but it doesn’t have a patent on selling groceries to the general public. Just as Safeway supermarkets sell "Town House Apple Sauce"®, Nationwide, Prestige, etc. offers "Zurcion" cleaning. And just as "Town House Apple Sauce" is really just apple sauce, like the apple sauce sold under other brand names in other stores, "Zurcion" is just a name that Nationwide and Prestige Cleaners, etc. have made up for their drycleaning service.

Zurcion, Nationwide, Prestige, Continental, Gown Cleaning Services, Jonathan Ashley and Lew Mark are in no way associated with Imperial® Gown Restoration Co., America’s premier gown care professionals, since 1947.